​​​​Above & Beyond Nanny Services, Inc. 

We are hosting a series of workshops

1- How to be the Best Nanny Ever!

      2- Growing with your Nanny Family! 

                        3- Emotional Wellness for Nannies & Families!

         4- Positive Parenting with your Family

What to Expect the sessions will last from 10:00 to 1:00

 Bagels & coffee will be provided

          The presenters will be Erin Hammill

& Jill Jerabek

Certificates will be provided for all attendees 

Workshop & Event Registration

40.00 Fee to attend

Hi there, We are very sorry to announce that we are canceling the Workshop for this upcoming Saturday due to inclement weather this week. It is better to be safe than sorry for all of those that would have to travel from further out. We would hate to have anyone put at risk, and with this much snow, it is just unpredictable as to how long it will take some of the more remote areas to be cleared. It seems wise to move the date back and increase the fun we are able to offer! We will reschedule the other dates and offer some evenings time slots too.😊

I will send out updates to keep everyone in the loop too! 

Stay safe & Warm everyone!