Full-Time Nanny:
A full-time nanny from Above and Beyond will provide all the high-end nanny services you would expect on a consistent weekly basis. This includes child care and other duties such as light housekeeping, snack prep and help with learning in our daily curriculum or homework when warranted.

Part-Time Nanny:
A part-time nanny will provide the same services as a full-time nanny but have less hours and most of the time offer more flexibility as far as those hours are concerned.

Summer Nanny:
A summer nanny is just like it sounds although sometimes this nanny can fulfill special requests like 'swimmer certification' or things of that nature. Above and Beyond is happy to facilitate certification classes and assist in locating availability of certain things if the family feels that is a requirement and the nanny they like does not meet it at the time.

Temporary Nanny:
Sometimes things happen in life and we are here to help-we have nannies who are ready and willing to help when families are going through changes and need sometime for a short time.

Household Manager:
A household manager is someone who will take on the day to day tasks involved in running the home. This professional will do errands, meal preparation, house chores, laundry and bigger projects necessary to keep your home running smoothly and efficiently.

After School Care:
This person will specifically focus on snack prep and homework help, often doing a craft or playing outside with the children when weathers permits until you get home.

Mother’s Helper/Bed Rest:
Sometimes pregnancy does not always go as well as we hoped for and the doctor’s orders are to stay in bed which is not conducive for a busy mom! Above and Beyond can help! We can place a nanny in your home who is well-versed in bed rest care as well as child care to ensure you get everything you need during that sensitive time in your pregnancy.

Above and Beyond can place a nanny in your home who is skilled in the subject areas your children need assistance in.

Services Provided

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