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 Above & Beyond Nannies would like to thank you for your interest in becoming a nanny.

Our placement service offers excellent nanny opportunities to all our qualified applicants.

In addition to personalized job search assistance, we provide pre-screening of potential families, education on current competitive nanny salaries and negotiation of these salaries with clients.


We offer a full range of nanny position though out the Minneapolis and Saint Paul Areas.  

Medical and dental benefits access is available to both full-time and part-time nannies.

 Potential families are looking to have a fun and personal relationship with their new nanny, which allows for a full filling job environment.

We are dedicated and experienced at nanny placement. We look forward to assisting you!

 Thank You,
 Erin Hammill

Nanny Testimonials
Thank you for your interest in Above & Beyond!  

The following are a few testimonials directly from nannies that have worked with our service over the last several years to give you an idea of what a great firm we are.

“Thank you, Erin, For being so patient and creative in finding me the “perfect” nanny family. I knew that if I kept a positive attitude I would find the right part time position. You made that possible! I send my extreme thanks.”

- Laura R. -
Professional Nanny for 9 Years

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me find the Nelson family. Things are going so well. The closing you provided us really made me feel as though I am in a positive and safe situation. Thanks for all your effort.”

- Jennifer F. -

Professional nanny for 6 years

 “I have been very impressed and wanted to say that this has been a great experience. I had previously worked through other services and was nervous to do it again. You really worked for me so that I was able to select the right match for me rather than in the past where I was pressured into a job. So thank you for being so understanding and friendly. I now recommend your service to all of my friends!”

- Andrea H. -
Professional Nanny for 4 Years