​​​​Above & Beyond Nanny Services, Inc. 

Since opening, Above & Beyond has placed and executed more than 10,000 placement matches from small family sitting affairs to Corporate guest events, to families in need of a fantastic in home nanny.

Above and Beyond is a full-service nanny placement agency founded by dedicated wife and mother of three, Erin Hammill. The agency is based in Apple Valley Minnesota and services the twin cities and suburbs and outlying rural areas. Above and Beyond Nanny Services has been in business since 1997 and has executed well over 10,000 nanny matches. It is the number one goal of our agency to get to know our clients personally and place them with the most complimentary nanny who will suit their families individual and unique needs whether it be schedule, dietary restrictions, special needs; or anything else that may pose a challenge. We are here to help. We value children and understand the need for nurturing and responsible childcare in today's nonstop society. Above and Beyond Nanny Services maintains a cohesive ongoing relationship with all our nannies ensuring the smoothest transitions for each of our families as they grow and change. Let us navigate the way through these uncharted waters for you--it's what we do best.

Above & Beyond orchestrates every element of the process starting with custom in-home consult, through interviews, negotiations, discussion of whats best and contracting.

In 2009, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 

Above & Beyond was named the area's best event service by Apple Awards noting the superb quality placements.

Erin Hammill, CEO

Erin Hammill has been in the nanny industry for over 27 years.

Erin is the president and founder of Above and Beyond Nannies Inc. Erin has successfully owned the award winning business for over 26 years.

This business has a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau. 

Erin handles all of the families’ and Nannies’ needs. She facilitates the matching of families and nannies ensuring satisfaction on both sides. She has been involved in every aspect of this trade and more than anyone, recognizes the need for good, loving childcare.

 Erin majored in business communications with a minor in child development. Throughout her college career, Erin enjoyed working as a nanny for families. Having been employed as a nanny herself, owning a nanny placement agency for over 26 years and having her own nanny for the last twelve years, she certainly understands every dimension and aspect involved in the process of hiring a nanny.

Her community involvement involves being active in school district 196 and she is a mentor in a local youth program for troubled teens and young mothers. Erin and her husband have three beautiful children and have made a lovely home together in Apple Valley.




Above & Beyond will be there for you anywhere you need help.  The team has full back up care for extra hours of support, sick call coverage for your nanny, Doula pro's, professional organizers, specialty training's, full preschool curriculum.

The Stratton Family

"It was a amazing expeierence."

I am just absolutely delighted with our experience from Above and Beyond nanny services. The competency of Erin and her abilities to interview a family and see exactly what they are needing in a nanny is amazing. Erin gave us a few options but always insisted that one in particular in her opinion would be a great fit for our family. That nanny is the one we chose to go with and Erin was absolutely 100% right. our kids and us as parents couldn't be be happier. I think also very important to reference is we were under an extreme time crunch for finding someone to watch our kids due to an unfortunate situation with our previous childcare. Above and beyond and Erin pull through for us and found is someone in the allotted time amount that we had available. I would certainly refer someone to above and beyond Nannies after experiencing life with the nanny now I don't believe I would ever go back to any other kind of daycare situation. Hands-down nannies are the way to go for childcare that helps you and your family live a much more enriching life. Above and beyond makes that that personal experience happen. Having Erin come to our house and meet us in person not once but twice makes this company highly remarkable in my book so attentiveness and the ability to show that they care sets above and beyond nanny services ahead of others am just absolutely delighted with our experience from Above & Beyond